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Oh Alex

‡Carpe Noctem and enjoy the Insanity☾

It’s funny how well she knows me Lol.
Ha yes

"Imagine Hazel dies, not Augustus. And in the last scene, Augustus is standing beside her grave, a cigarette in his mouth. Slowly, he reaches up to light it."

- irgendwo gelesen (via un-ersetzbar)


Found a tune that makes me think of you


if you are a youngling in high school then please do your homework please try your very best i am fucking begging you please do better than i did please jesus just do your homework ask for help switch up your studying tactics if they’re not doin it for you just fucking please do your best i am begging you don’t fuck up as hard as i did and for the love of god try to get a good night’s rest as often as possible i don’t want you guys to feel like i do

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